Objective: To educate gardeners and general consumers about a new plastic plant pot recycling scheme run through garden centres, and to encourage consumers to help recruit their local garden centres.

Results: Following excellent coverage for the scheme in key nationals: Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express as well as gardening titles such as: Gardeners World, Garden News, Gardens Illustrated, the scheme received over 60 calls from consumers, over 25% of respondents campaigned their local garden centre to join the scheme and many further nurseries joined during the campaign period.

The campaign will resume targeting the general interest magazines in early 2014.

“Having never worked with an agency and rather naively preferring to keep things in-house, we have certainly learnt the merits of a well-orchestrated professional PR campaign. Wigwam has opened our eyes to what can be achieved on a relatively low budget making it a very costs effective way of reaching your target market. We have been most definitely turned!”

Dan Dicker, AShortWalk