IS Prime has launched a new liquidity solution in indices and commodities, with variable spreads in the major indices and US and UK crude starting from zero during liquid market hours. This will give clients of the ISAM Capital Markets Group even more competitive spreads.

Retail brokers have in recent years been engaging in an arms race to offer the tightest possible spreads in FX, however spreads in indices and commodities have in many cases remained fixed.  IS Prime’s new proprietary pricing protocol has broken this barrier.  The pricing methodology has been optimised by ISAM Capital Markets’ industry leading quants. It has been designed to improve on a fixed spread protocol to enhance book yield for retail brokers whilst also offering very attractive spreads to the end retail consumer.

Jonathan Brewer, Commercial Director of ISAM Capital Markets and Managing Partner at IS Prime said: “Having our own proprietary pricing engine for indices and commodities means we can leverage our knowledge of brokers’ requirements to provide a product which is forensically tailored to their needs.  This price feed is a true institutional grade offering and it represents a significant competitive advantage for us versus our peers who typically re-sell a price feed they receive from a third party with a mark-up or simply re-sell their retail price feed.

“We are very excited about this new product because we believe it will align index and commodity products to price in a very similar way to FX pairs, thereby representing a significant cost benefit as well as an improvement in service to our B2B clients, and in turn to their B2C clients.  We are bringing index and commodity pricing up-to-date with the expectations of clients in the 2020s.”

IS Prime, part of the ISAM Capital Markets Group, offers full service brokerage and execution via its cutting edge proprietary technology. As a Prime of Prime, IS Prime provides aggregated pricing sourced primarily from Tier one institutions, settled through the group’s bank Prime Brokers. ISAM Capital Markets also includes IS Prime Hong Kong (regulated by the SFC) and risk management specialist, IS Risk Analytics.